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As a couple who knows the stress of planning their own wedding, our goal is to be your Wedding BFFs, helping you from engagement through the big day. Our focus on solutions, flexibility, and unique wedding design make us the perfect parters in planning your wedding!

Loves: Creating Lasting Memories

In 2019, my wife Lynne and I were planning our wedding when life gave us several surprise challenges.

We were able to pull off an amazingly unforgettable wedding using our collective life experiences, creativity, personality connections and out of the box problem solving skills.

A few months later, a couple that we were close friends with and that had been at our wedding asked us over for dinner and drinks so that we could help them with some ideas for their upcoming wedding.

A few short hours later, the bride to be asked Lynne to be her day of coordinator and she agreed.

At that point, our journey as wedding planners/coordinators officially began!

With our new adventure, my wonderful wife Lynne and I get to take our personal and shared experiences and use them to be a part of making one of the most important days in a couples life a lasting and special memory.

Loves: Dogs, Flower arranging, and texting her bride bffs!

My journey as a wedding planner started after a dear friend asked me to help plan her wedding at the beautiful Persimmon Creek Barn in Beaverdam, VA.

I have been helping people my whole life with my 20+ year nursing career, but never realized there was something missing.  One of my biggest passions is creating all things beautiful.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved to take a blank space and turn it into something magical. I specialize in taking my bride’s vision and making their story a  reality.  

I am married to my wonderful husband and business partner Edward and we love to travel, enjoy summer nights sipping wine on the front porch, drive’s through the mountains and just being together.

We have 4 beautiful children and 3 gorgeous grandchildren together. I am a lover of dogs and you will rarely see me without my beloved Stella by my side. 

When I am not planning your special day you will find me arranging flowers, answering emails, snuggling with puppies, enjoying a glass of wine or just texting my brides because they are all my BFF’s.  

Elegant Moments is a wedding and event planning company based in Central Virginia. 

Owners Lynne and Edward Bonham take pride in building lasting relationships that stem from teamwork with venues and vendors, providing quality service to our clients and attention to detail in all aspects of the planning process.