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Prevent wedding stress and disaster by hiring a Wedding Planner


It’s no industry secret… weddings require a tremendous amount of coordination and planning!

A bride or their family should never have to deal with all the unexpected issues that surround the week of the wedding day and the event itself. This is exactly where a wedding planner becomes your best friend throughout the entire process.

Where it went wrong… vendors showed up late and unprepared.

Recently, we had a wedding where a vendor showed up to late and unprepared. Additionally, another vendor was almost an hour late due going to the wrong location because of a change in the original contract.

Guests were arriving and being escorted to the ceremony site while issues causing the delay in the start of the ceremony were stacking up. While working as a team with all of the vendors, we were able to fill our role as the event managers by providing the leadership, guidance and direction that ensured the event went smoothly so that the lucky couple remained stress free. None of the attendees ever knew that there was ever an issue.

As the official Wedding Planners for this couple, we had the means and authority to help de-escalate a potential wedding issue.

What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Day of Coordination? To put it simply: authority to help.

When you hire us as your planners, you will be able to choose exactly what services you would like for us to provide to include contract review and a fuller coordination of vendors and their services.

When you hire us, or most Day of Coordinators, you are receiving vendor coordination with a lower level of authority in dealing with the vendors. To put it simply, the Day of Coordinator communicates with the vendors before the event and ensures that they are aware of the timeline and manages them and their services the day of.

Your Wedding Planner does the same but also uses their experience to ensure that the contracts are written/negotiated in a way that many of the issues a bride and groom to be may not be able to consider are avoided. It’s important to make sure that all the vendors arrive and provide all services provided in the contract.

As a husband and wife team, we can be also there for both the bride and the groom as needed, before the ceremony and throughout the special day.  

As Wedding Coordinators, we add the special touches that help the day delight for all involved 

I always go above and beyond what is expected for my couples. I love to give them everything they need for their special day. At another recent wedding, we were able to assist with getting the bridal party prepared for the makeup artist when she arrived.

We were also able to coordinate with the DJ was able to quickly get the music playing to accommodate the guests that had already began to arrive. 

The Elegant Moments Promise: always offer a solution!

Like in any major situation: problems stay problems until you find a way. Our dedication to our couples means weI always offer a solution, no matter what. Although our weddings have had snags, as detailed above, the days went smooth.

Even the ideal timeline was not met for one of the weddings, all events that the bride and groom wanted were successfully carried out, and the loving couple were able to enjoy a magical and stress-free day with their guests.

“Lynne, you made my best friend’s wedding absolutely, perfect. If there was an issue we never knew it.”

Christine Allen – Read more in Testimonials

It is our pride to ensure that the day goes as planned!

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